Job Seekers
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Amy G. -Food prep

Andy P.- Graphic Design

April W.- Stocking or retail

Ashley P.- Stocking HIRED! Texas Roadhouse

Benjamin B.-Baker

Ben C. - Data entry and clerical

Brad B. - Dishwashing

Brendan L.- Machine Operator

Christina M. - Customer Service- HIRED! Royal Crest Lanes

Clinton H.- Custodial

Dakota G. - Janitorial

Dakota W.- Landscaping or Groundskeeping - HIRED! Casey's

David N. - Stocking- HIRED! North College Cafe

Dillion S. - Customer Service

Eleasia G. - Childcare - HIRED! Googols of Learning

Emily D. - Childcare

Felicia J. - Art related work

Felisha G. - Dining room attendant- HIRED! Ramen Bowls

Gabriel B. - Laborer

George W. - Data Entry - HIRED! The Underground

Harish S. - Custodial

Jackson B.- Customer Service

Janelle M. - Seated position - HIRED! BonBon

Jenine M. - Production  HIRED! South Dining Commons

Jonathan M. - Stocking - HIRED! Auto Plaza Car Wash

Jordan T. - Food prep and baking - HIRED! Wendy's

Jordan M. - Banquet Set-up

Joshua B. - Janitorial or Stocking - HIRED! Sigler Pharmacy

Joshua D. - Radio and Media- HIRED! Haase & Long

Josh E. - Data Entry - HIRED! Crowd Systems

Kayla B. - Retail

Laura B. - Clerical -HIRED! The Underground

Lena F. -Customer Service

Lynette H. - Custodial

Lyric P. - Daycare Helper

Mark S. - Data Entry - HIRED! Wal-Mart

Matt O. - Driver or courier

Matthew H. - Working with animals -HIRED! Woof's Play& Stay

Matt S. - HIRED! KU's The Underground

Meredith B.-Customer Service

Michael V. - Dining room attendant - HIRED! The Summit

Michelle G. - Stock Clerk

Natalia K.- Retail

Phillip S. - Animal Caretaker

Remmy C. - Customer Service

Renae J. - Helper - HIRED! Paisano's Restaurante

Richard W. - Technician or Assistant in medical field - HIRED! Berry Global

Richie A. - Assembly - HIRED! Printing Solutions

Roy W. - Custodial - HIRED! Set 'em Up Jack's

Sabrina B. - Food Service - HIRED! Culver's

Shennandoah F. - Production -HIRED! Lawrence Memorial Hospital

Spencer F. - Retail Associate - HIRED! HyVee on 6th St.

Stephen W.- Customer Service

Taimee M. - Assembly

Tim H.- Janitorial or Maintenance- HIRED! Christal K-9

Tina C. - Clerical

Tony N. - Food Service - HIRED! Popeye's

Zach H. - Outside or production work - HIRED! Crowd Systems