June 4, 2020

People supported by Cottonwood’s Residential Services and the direct support professionals who care for them have done a tremendous job of adhering to the shelter in place requirements. We are delighted to say that no one in services or staff have been diagnosed with COVID-19. We credit this to everyone’s hard work, social distancing, and staying home.

Our compliance with the shelter at home requirements gives us confidence that people served by Cottonwood’s Residential Services have had minimal exposure to possible transmission and are low-risk for returning to a larger work environment. We continue to be directed by federal, state, and local guidelines in our decision-making. Per these decision makers’ recommendations and our successful compliance with shelter in place, we will begin an incremental re-opening of day services. On Monday, June 8th, Cottonwood will open its onsite day services to a limited number of consumers who receive Residential Services through Cottonwood as well as a limited number of consumers who have been sheltering in place with family members (based on the Kansas Department of Health & Environment (KDHE) capacity limit guidance). As these limits on number of people continue to increase, Cottonwood will continue to open up its Day Services to more consumers while maintaining social distancing protocols.

Furthermore, Cottonwood is implementing comprehensive measures to lessen exposure risk in the Day Service areas including wearing of masks, frequent sanitizing, use of dividers to separate individuals, reconfiguring work spaces, changes in work protocols, consideration given to drop off and pick up times, lunch breaks, etc. to avoid anything other than incidental and infrequent proximity of closer than 6 feet of distance amongst individuals.

It is a new world for all of us and we all must become comfortable with new habits, configurations, and limitations. Should we find that we need to go back to more stringent social distancing based on our own assessment or advice from state partners, including returning to providing day services in the homes, we will not hesitate to do so. For now, there is no visitation being allowed to 2801 W. 31st.

Thank you for your support, understanding, and trust.

Case managers serve as valuable resources. They have the knowledge, the training, and the experience to help individuals find services in the community and access benefits.

Unique among employment agencies in the Lawrence, Kansas area, we analyze job requirements and customize a job match with qualified and reliable workers.

Individuals develop a range of vocational skills
such as light assembly, packaging,
  shredding and collating.


Cottonwood, Incorporated’s Residential Department provides services and supports to individuals in varied settings throughout Lawrence.


Work Enrichment serves adults with multiple challenges who desire options for paid work, volunteer experiences, and opportunities for personal achievement.

Retirement Services are offered to adults over the age of 62 who no longer want or need full-time, work-oriented services.

Cottonwood, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization that was established in 1972 to provide services to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Over the years, Cottonwood has earned a reputation for quality services and care as a community service provider. In 1995, Cottonwood was awarded an additional responsibility through the Developmental Disability Reform Act. It became the Community Developmental Disabilities Organization (CDDO) for Douglas and Jefferson counties. As the CDDO, Cottonwood is the single point of entry connecting individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities to the network of services in this area.