Support Services

At Cottonwood, Inc. we are committed to helping

individuals with disabilities shape their own future.

A case manager helps individuals shape their own

future through knowledge, community support,

consistency of service and advocacy.

Satisfaction Survey Results: Parents/Guardians/Family Members, 98% satisfied.

Case managers serve as valuable resources. They have the knowledge, the training, and the experience to help individuals find services in the community and access benefits. Individuals are assisted with understanding their choices and the risk associated with those choices.

The highest priority for a case manager is to advocate for the individuals they serve and provide guidance on creating safe and healthy lives.  This guidance includes providing resources on how to be a good self-advocate as well as working with guardians when one is assigned to the individual served to help the consumer create a preferred lifestyle.  Additionally, the case manager assists with navigating the many complex systems that provide funding and benefits to people with I/DD.  

Case managers help set individual goals and outline the path needed to get there. They help find services that are available in the community and meet regularly with the people in each individual’s support network to help obtain goals.

Case managers provide consistency and support as individuals make transitions in life and work. For almost three decades, Cottonwood has been assisting individuals with changes in their life. From school to the work place or from parent’s homes to individual apartments, a case manager can be there, if requested, giving support and guiding individuals in all new endeavors.

Health Support
The Health Support team consists of: Health Support Nurse Manager, two LPN's, Health Support Clerk, and three Health Support Specialists (accompanies consumers to medical appointments), and an RN who is utilized on a “as needed” basis when the other nurses may need to take an extended leave.
The Health Support team serves individuals accessing residential services at Cottonwood who choose Cottonwood to serve as their designated health care coordinator. Team members schedule medical appointments, transport individuals to such appointments, make wellness visits for health and medical issues, assist individuals in taking medicine and accompany consumers to appointments.

For more information, e-mail Jeff Whittier, Director of Support Services