As a Community Service Provider, Cottonwood’s mission is to help individuals with disabilities shape their own futures. Cottonwood offers a variety of customer driven services that emphasize the use of the community as a learning environment. The services offered are designed to support individuals in pursuing meaningful, person-centered outcomes and to meet individual needs. Cottonwood offers six core services that are broad in scope, yet specific to individual needs, interests and desires:

yvette erin1Support Services

Cottonwood’s Support Services assists individuals in the coordination of services that they receive from Cottonwood, the medical community and other social services. The Support Services Department also offers a variety of health supports for the overall health needs of the individuals who receive direct services from Cottonwood. 

Cottonwood Residential ServicesResidential

Cottonwood offers living options customized for individuals to meet their needs and maximize their independence. Residential services range from 24 hour support in a home owned by Cottonwood to a weekly staff visit in a home owned by the individual. Whether it is an evening at the movies, meaningful time spent with friends or a KC Royals game, staff is committed to helping individuals participate in the activities they most enjoy.

Work Services

The Work Services Department offers individuals a dynamic and enjoyable employment option working on a wide variety of job contracts with community businesses through Cottonwood Industries. Individuals develop a range of vocational skills working with machinery, a variety of materials, and with other people. The award-winning program provides meaningful work and supports Cottonwood’s programs.

colebJobLink Employment

Individuals with disabilities have many talents, skills and energy to contribute to our economy. Cottonwood’s employment services division, JobLink, benefits both employees and employers by assisting individuals with disabilities obtain and keep jobs in the community, while at the same time offering reliable and qualified employees to area businesses.


Cottonwood Work EnrichmentWork Enrichment

Work Enrichment offers individuals with more severe disabilities the opportunity for employment and community partnerships. These services benefit individuals who succeed in a more supportive work environment with greater staffing. Participants are also provided with recreational and learning experiences throughout the community, which supports them in enhancing their personal and social skills.


Retirement Enrichment

Retirement Services are offered to older adults who no longer want or need full time work-oriented services. The Cottonwood retirement facility is located in downtown Lawrence, which is a great location to participate in a variety of community events. Individuals learn productive crafts, cooking, games, and music appreciation.