What employers have to say…..

“Kind, supportive, positive.  We can count on Roger 1000% of the time! Can do any job, always busy. Roger is a powerhouse and can best anyone at palletizing, picking, and line work. Roger is caring and loved by all. Thank you (JobLink) for bringing Roger into our lives.

"We love having Bea on our team here at 6 Mile.  She truly brings so much to our establishment.  Her positivity and smiles always seem to brighten everyone’s day!  She is very kind to our guests and helps welcome them.  She loves seeing our managers!  Always in uniform.  Always ready & excited to work!  Always on time.  Always gets her task done on time – perfect!”

“It’s great to have Lisa here.  She’s reliable & has a great relationship with everybody who walks in our door.  She knows her job & is always willing to help.  She is the Queen of Dining and owns her role well.”

“Kiera is happy in her job and it shows.  She does everything she is asked and is friendly with greetings to the customers.  She has surprised and impressed me with her work on the expresso machine.  We are very satisfied!  Very happy to be a part of this!!”

“John is an incredibly hard worker who is always willing to complete any task asked of him. John has not missed a day of work in at least 2.5 years. He is exceptionally dependable and does his best to make Walgreens a better place to work and shop.”

“Jeff is a great employee. He has grown a lot in the 12 years he has been with us. He is great with computers, trusted both by our staff and by our server technician.  He does what he is asked and will research to find new or better ways of accomplishing his tasks.”

“We just adore (Jerry), he always puts a smile on everyone’s face. He does a very good job at all his tasks. We value our relationship with JobLink and the clients. Jerry is just the best employee.”

“Caleb is an excellent employee.  He has the ability to run any of the machines that we have in our facility.  He is a hard worker.”

“Terry is a pleasure to have here! Hard worker and very friendly. (JobLink) is an excellent program.”

“Adam is consistently positive and has a strong work ethic.  He continues to grow within his position and is getting more comfortable with staff interaction and guest interaction.”

“We are happy to have Renae on the Paisano’s team.  We appreciate all of the help she brings to the team.  She’s always happy to be here, and has a great & valued sense of humor.”

 “Richie is doing an overall exceptional job.  He works hard & always makes sure when he’s done with a task he asks for another.  We love working with him!”

“Lisa is a great member of our team.  I know that I can rely on her to do anything that I need her to do.  Her friendly personality helps brighten the day of those around her.”

“Courtney is always willing to help wherever needed.  She has a lot of experience and a good eye for seeing what needs done at any given time.  She likes to help her co-workers.  Her experience & personal motivation is very beneficial for the team.”

“(Tony) has really grown into a great addition since I’ve been here.  I heard great things about him from the owners before I arrived.  It has been a pleasure getting to know (Tony) and work along side him.”


“Pennie continues to do a fantastic job cleaning downtown.  Her willingness to help take care of the area around the old Borders bookstore has been a tremendous help!  Our Park staff speaks very highly of Pennie and we look forward to having her working downtown again next year!”


“It’s been really nice having Christopher working on Massachusetts Street over the years. He is always pleasant, hardworking and has a smile on his face when I say hi.  I’m looking forward to seeing him downtown in 2019 working to keep the city sidewalks clean!”


“We really enjoy working with Yvette and she is an important part of our team. She is always on time and ready to go and so positive. Our partnership with Cottonwood has been very rewarding for us and we look forward to another great year.”


“K.D. is excellent, has a great attitude, and is very dependable.”


“(JobLink clients) are reliable and add to our diverse employee population.”


“Keep up the great work, Matt!”


“Ashli is Awesome! Send us more!”