What employers have to say…..

“Our partnership with JobLink has been very helpful over the years. It’s nice to have a group of people who want to be here and give it their all every day. Generally JobLink employees are some of our most reliable. I’m grateful for their services.”

“We have been using JobLink consistently - - already recommending JobLink to other employers. Collin’s work ethics & punctuality is always good. He keeps improving to meet his goals and willing to learn more duties & shows interest in learning new skills & culture.”

“We have only had great experiences with JobLink candidates and job coaches! Deb is the most productive box folder I’ve ever seen!”

“A complete joy to be around. Courtney has come in with a Desire & Determination to do his best job. He has taken to all of his tasks well as we both learn what task exactly he will excel at. Kelsey has been awesome since day 1!”

“Krystal is one of the friendliest employees we have. She always has a positive attitude, which is a great quality to have! Does great job w/ residents & is a great example of an employee that P-Ridge needs!”

“Brandon has been a great addition to our team. Positive & friendly!  Makes friends easily & always willing to help a team member. Takes on extra tasks & willing to learn more in his role. Kelsey has been awesome & employment consultants are great!”

“Yvette is a joy to work with. Her great attitude towards her coworkers is an example we can all strive for. Thank you Yvette – keep up the great job!”

“We love having Beth as a member of our team. The few hours a week she spends in the lobby cleaning are priceless!”

“Jennifer is always in good spirits, has not been late or called in, never have to worry about job, always working, willing to do what is asked w/o having to remind.”

“Lisa is a happy person and that is how she stays for her whole shift, always early, will work at whatever station is needed, always laughing and talking with coworkers, is a hard worker.”

“We consider Trent part of our LDCHA family. He is kind and considerate and honestly joyful to be around. We hope that he will continue to work with us for a long time!”