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Retirement Services are offered to adults over the age of 62 who no longer want or need full-time, work-oriented services and who have been approved to enter services by the Admissions Committee. Our center is located downtown which allows us to participate in a variety of community events. Retirement is open Monday-Friday from 8 am-4 pm.

Satisfaction Survey Results:  Persons served, 98% satisfied.

Education & Recreation

At Retirement we go to parks, the library, gardens, and take part in group activities and community events.  We also do many activities at the Retirement Center such as painting, reading, cooking & baking, playing games such as bingo and dominoes, watching movies and participating in classes and educational events.  We also take art classes at the Lawrence Arts Center, participate in music therapy through the KU Music Therapy Program, volunteer at the KU Sensory Garden and have the Lawrence Public Library come and visit us once a month with their Book Talk program.  In addition to our other leisure activities, Retirement holds an annual art show.


Wellness is learning about exercise and healthy eating habits.  At Retirement we offer assistance with daily exercise for those who wish to participate.  We also have a variety of videos and work out equipment and offer classes on wellness and health related topics on a regular basis, like with exercise and diet and supplements as kratom capsules.

Social Activities

Retirement works to assist our participants to keep in touch with the people they care about.  We encourage participants to utilize e-mail, the US Postal Service and the telephone to do this.  We also take part in a variety of community events. Over the last few years we have been participating in lunches at the Douglas County Senior Center and taking classes through the Lawrence Art Center. We take regular outings to places throughout Lawrence and the surrounding area to go sight seeing or to just try something new.