About Cottonwood

Cottonwood, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization that was established in 1972 to provide services to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Over the years, Cottonwood has earned a reputation for quality services and care as a community service provider. In 1995, Cottonwood was awarded an additional responsibility through the Developmental Disability Reform Act. It became the Community Developmental Disabilities Organization (CDDO) for Douglas and Jefferson counties. As the CDDO, Cottonwood is the single point of entry connecting individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities to the network of services in this area.

Bess Stone Activity CenterThe roots of Cottonwood, Incorporated were planted in September 1962 when the Douglas County Association for Retarded Citizens developed a work-activity program for adults with mental retardation in the Lawrence area. Housed at 745 Ohio, the program was called the Bess Stone Activity Center. Services for approximately 20 adults with mental retardation continued at this location for 10 years. Since that time, Cottonwood has expanded to include a newly expanded facility and a greater range of services for individuals with disabilities.

Cottonwood Management Team


Sharon Spratt, CEO

Jessica Wood-CFO

Jill Baker-Administrator of Services

JR Condra- Director of Cottonwood Industries

Phil Bentzinger-Director of JobLink

Dennis Meier-Director of Human Resources

Kara Walters-Director of Residential Services

Peggy Wallert-Director of Community Relations/Development

Janet Fouche-Schack-Director of Support Services

Heather Thies-Director of Life Enrichment

Angela Drake-Director of CDDO Administration

Pat Kimbrough-Executive Assistant

Cottonwood, Incorporated Board of Trustees

Steve Atzeni

Joe Baker

Barbara Ballard

Marilyn Bittenbender

Zak Bolick-Treasurer

Perry Buck

Jim Budde

Mary Carson

Kirsten Flory

Doug Gaumer-President

Dr. Phil Godwin-Emeritus

Webster Golden

Luke Livingston- Secretary

Carl Locke-Past President

Tim Marshall

Shirley Martin-Smith

J. David Millen

Tom Mulinazzi-Vice President

Gary Rexroad

Jeff Sigler

Steve Tesdahl

Paul Werner

Cottonwood Foundation Board of Trustees

Tana Ahlen-Past President

Hank Booth

Brad Burnside

Harley Catlin

Kristin Eldridge

Susan Esau

Michelle Fales

Harry Gibson- Past President

Kurt Goeser-Secretary

Mark Gonzales-Treasurer

Tom Groene

Nancy Longhurst-Vice President

Allison Vance Moore- President

Martin Moore

Miles Schnaer

Jon Smiley

Gary Sollars

Sharon Spratt-Exec. Vice President

J. Taylor

Andy Vigna

Dick Zinn