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JobLink Employment at Cottonwood Incorporated

Congratulations Stoneback Appliance!

JobLink 2017 Outstanding Employer of the Year!
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Previous Winners…..

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2015 Pioneer Ridge- Click here for video

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JobLink provides consultation and resources that help meet the workforce needs of more than 200 employers.  Unique among employment agencies in the Lawrence, Kansas area, we analyze job requirements and customize a job match with qualified and reliable workers.

We are the only locally based, licensed, accredited, and certified disability related employment service.

JobLink has helped create more than 2,500 local jobs matches since 1990.  Over the last  5 years JobLink has been successful in placing 95% of our job seekers.

Satisfaction Survey Results: Persons served, 100% satisfied.  Employers, 100% Say JobLink delivers services as promised.

Businesses can benefit from a partnership with JobLink.  Here’s why:


Cottonwood JobLinkReduced hiring costs

Are you coping with excessive employee turnover, rising training costs and a shortage of dedicated employees? We can help.  JobLink provides consultation and personnel to businesses interested in a stable workforce.  JobLink workers are noted for their employment stability (the average length of employment is nearly four years), low rate of absenteeism and excellent safety records.

Cottonwood JoblikCustomized service

JobLink provides reliable and qualified workers.  Our job development team will match your needs with interested workers.  And, you interview candidates to ensure a skills match with your employment requirements.  Let JobLink work with you strategically to review the critical nature, frequency, and percentage of time devoted to job duties.  A re-alignment of certain tasks may lead to a customized job that will increase productivity.

Hiring Flexibility

We can fill one or multiple positions for you.  You can even Contract with JobLink for a crew complete with a supervisor.  Individuals or crews are available for temporary and permanent part-time and full-time positions.

Payroll Savings

When you contract with JobLink for a work crew, you can count on willing and able workers.  You will reduce your hiring and training costs, and save on workers’ compensation and benefit expenses.  In addition, many of our job seekers will make their employer eligible for a tax credit.  Ask us about it.

On-Site TrainingIMG_0261

JobLink employment consultants will support your new employee(s), as needed, from no-cost intitial consultation to more intensive training and support on the job.  Additionally, we offer information regarding disability awareness.

Community Partnerships

When you hire workers with disabilities, you utilize an often untapped resource. Your community will appreciate your company’s commitment to diversity.  Employee morale is often boosted.

All About Teamwork

Cottonwood, Inc’s employment services  has been supporting workers and employers in the Lawrence area since 1972.  Cottonwood, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, or age for the provision of services.  Cottonwood and JobLink services are partially funded on a contractual basis with the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services, and are accredited by CARF, The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission.  “Equal Opportunity Employer”

Contact JobLink Today for Qualified Candidates

JobLink candidates have a variety of skills and abilities with an array of educational levels and work experience.

For  individual hires or contracted crews, JobLink is your employment agency resource for dedicated and talented employees in the Lawrence, Kansas area.  You’ll find that we share your commitment to quality. Contact Phil Bentzinger 785-840-1623 or pbentzinger@cwood.org for more information or resumes.

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